November Networking Lunch - 5 Key Moments

  • Posted on: 22nd November 2018
  • Posted in: News

5 Key Moments from November’s Network Oval Business Club networking lunch at the Kia Oval! 

1)     Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby athlete and Paralympian, Aaron Phipps, joined us as guest speaker, and delivered an incredibly inspiring and motivating talk to the delegates in attendance.

2)     At the age of 15 Aaron had both of his legs and most of his fingers amputated due to blood poisoning from meningitis, giving him a 20% chance of recovery. However, Aaron overcame it, and it was then his journey started. Determined to not be defined by his disability, Aaron worked hard to complete a 10k race, before then being advised to give wheelchair rugby a try. In Aaron’s words, he quickly learnt to “love smashing people out of their wheelchairs”. Aaron was then headhunted by Team GB and given a new goal to make it to the 2012 Paralympics in London. Aaron worked full time throughout training towards the Paralympics but said the feeling of coming out to a stadium of 10,500 people roaring him made it all worthwhile.

3)     Reaching the Paralympic games is a big enough achievement as it is, but Aaron didn’t want to stop challenging himself there. A new challenge came about: be the first British man to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair. Months of hard work and training commenced, however nothing could prepare him for the eventuality. It became evident early on that the dissent would not be in possible in a wheelchair, Aaron improvised, instead using knee pads – and some duct tape - to crawl up the mountain. Five days of blood sweat and tears later, Aaron reached the peak. Aaron’s next goal is to reach Tokyo 2020, learn more about his story here.

4)     New Network Oval Business Club members in attendance were welcomed, which this month included E3 Consulting and The Intellectual Property Works.

5)     As always, you can see all upcoming events and opportunities at the Kia Oval – including more information about Christmas Parties – by clicking visiting their website here.

The next Network Oval Business Club networking lunch takes place on Tuesday 11th December, 12.30pm-2.30pm, with bookings already open here.

Network Oval Business Club is part of the Network My Club group, and details of other upcoming events mentioned at the meeting are:

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