June Networking Lunch - 5 Key Moments

  • Posted on: 28th June 2018
  • Posted in: News

5 Key Moments from June’s sold out Network Oval Business Club networking lunch at the Kia Oval!

1)    Lewis Hatchett, former professional cricketer, now motivational speaker, joined us as guest speaker for the June networking lunch.

2)    Although Lewis was a professional cricketer for 6 years, the story behind how he got there is very different. Lewis was born with Poland Syndrome, a condition that affects 1 in 100,000 and in his case means that he is missing his entire right side pectoral muscle as well as two ribs.

3)   Lewis spoke about his condition, the battle he faced to make it as a professional cricketer, overcoming injuries and setbacks along the way, before realising his dream by signing as a professional deal with Sussex. Following six years as a professional, Lewis was forced to retire due to an injury, and spoke about how since his retirement he has gone on to train for the Paralympics (eventually not being able to classify), to becoming a yoga instructor and also a motivational speaker. You can find more information about Lewis’ story here.

4)    Network Oval Business Club members present we introduced to the room and allowed to give an elevator pitch of their business, which this month included new members, ASE Corporate Eyecare, Creation Consulting, Ro-Tel and Castle Water.

5)    Joe Sheppard, Ticketing and Product Development Manager, gave guests information about upcoming opportunities for businesses at the Kia Oval. Find more info here.

Network Oval Business Club is part of the Network My Club group, and details of other upcoming events mentioned at the meeting are:

Network Albion Business Club - Brighton & Hove Albion FC - Thursday 5th July

Network Pompey Business Club (Pre Portsmouth Business Expo Event) - Pyramids Centre - Thursday 12th July

Network Hampshire Business Club – The Ageas Bowl – Friday 13th July

Network My Club at Goodwood - Goodwood Motor Circuit - Wednesday 18th July