5 Things To Start Your Content Strategy

  • Posted on: 13th March 2018
  • Posted in: News

Finding an audience for your business: 5 things to start your content strategy!

It can be scary to start publishing business content when there are so many choices to make and so many things to sort out. The best way to learn is to get started and test things out - just make sure you have these five things clear before you publish.

Who are you talking to?

It’s impossible to talk to EVERYONE - you’ll end up stretched thin, publishing content that doesn’t deliver any ROI. Focus instead on a couple of key personas. Really get to know them; do your research and brainstorm topics that will interest them. Bonus points for creating content that speaks to a key concern or pain point – that’s how you’ll get conversions.

What have you already done?

Unless you are a brand-new start-up, it’s highly likely you’ve got content of some description out in the world. Document each piece of content you have, how old it is, whether it’s still useful or needs updating. Only once you know what you’ve already got and how it’s performed will you know how to take your new content strategy forward.

What are your rules?

Writers like rules, believe it or not. Tell people how you want to sound as a brand (tone of voice), and stylistic things like how you format bullet lists, how you handle acronyms. It can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never thought like this, but giving writers a few rules will help ensure everything published under your brand has a consistent feeling.

What do you want to achieve?

Take some time to think about what success will look like for you: is it an increase in social followers? Is it X number of new leads from the website? Is it a growing email database? Remember to make your goals SMART and your KPIs achievable.

What's your plan?

I highly recommend a content calendar – think like a publisher, and make sure that loyal audience you’re growing knows that you’ll have something new and useful for them on a regular basis, be it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. But remember: just whacking a blog on the website doesn’t mean anyone will read it, and those goals you set will remain unreached. You don’t need to fork out for advertising, but you do need to share your content. Organic posts on social media can still work well, and make sure you have somewhere for people to sign up to get your insights by email. This will create a 2-way relationship: your audience gets useful information, and you get to talk to them about anything at any time.

So, get started!

What are you waiting for? A written strategy doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages long; just document your key priorities and how you’ll achieve them, and dive in. Every good strategy is an organic beast that iterates over time, and the best way to learn is to just get started.

And if you want a hand, or someone to guide you through it, The Content Type are offering a free, impartial review of your tone of voice and messaging. Get in touch here.