What are the benefits of becoming a member?

To see all the benefits of being a Network Oval member, click here.

Are the events included in membership?

Yes, all Network Oval events are included in the cost of membership.

Can I attend Network Oval networking events as a non-member?

Yes, we welcome all businesses, of all sizes, members and non-members to our networking events. Non-members are welcome to attend two events as a guest before making any commitment to membership.

Does it cost anything to attend Network Oval events?

As a guest, yes, we ask to cover the costs for catering, venue and of course the networking! Members have the events included in membership as stated above.

What businesses are represented at Network Oval networking events?

We host a whole range of different businesses from varying industries and sizes. To see the types of businesses our members come from, click here. 

Do you have a 'lock out' policy of one business per industry?

No. We welcome all businesses, of all sizes, allowing them the freedom to work with those they choose and build natural relationships with.

Can I bring guests? 

Of course, just book them onto the event via the website. Members are able to bring guests at a discounted rate by contacting the Network Oval team at Network My Club. 

Can I join or attend other business clubs and events run by Network My Club? 

Yes, non-members and members are welcome to! As a member of Network Oval you can join or attend other Network My Club business clubs at a discounted rate. To see the growing number of Network My Club groups, click here.