Nestor Business Consulting Ltd

Gilmoora House, 57-61 Mortimer Street

Contact Name: Mark Burley

Category: Business Consulting

Business Description

Nestor was set up in 2005 to provide HR Support to London’s SMEs.  As an independent consulting firm, based in Central London, we build relationships in order that we may better understand and advise our clients.

Working with over 60 corporate clients, we employ a diverse group of highly qualified, skilled and capable individuals who understand the issues faced by our clients, and have the insight and ability to advise them. We work across all sectors but have built particular insight in the following:

  • Media, advertising and design
  • Publishing
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Property and architectural
  • Consultancy & Business Services

Whilst our clients may work in a number of different sectors, they have the common characteristics of working in dynamic environments and wanting to focus on their business goals rather than their HR constraints. 

Our ethos

An organisation’s ability to achieve its future goals is often constrained by how it has achieved them in the past. We understand our clients’ DNA and ensure a solution that suits the client’s business goals as well as their culture. Successful HR Partnering is dependent upon

  • Client focus and cultural understanding
  • Commercialism and simplicity
  • Quality “real world” advice

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