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St. James’s Place House, 3 Moorgate Place

Contact Name: Simon Wade

Category: Wealth Management

Business Description

J G Wealth Ltd.

Partner Practice of St. James\'s Place Wealth Management

Website: http://www.jg-wealth.co.uk

Email: simon.wade@sjpp.co.uk

LinkedIn: https://http://www.linkedin.com/company/j-g-wealth-ltd/

3 Moorgate Place



At J G Wealth we help our clients understand and meet their financial goals.

J G Wealth Ltd was established in 2016 as a Partner Practice of St. James\'s Place Wealth Management.

With offices in London, our team of advisers are able to service clients not only in London, but the length and breadth of the country.

With a strong client base we are expanding at a great pace with new advisers coming on board to help maintain our excellent service for our valued clients.

Financial planning should be reviewed at any life event, be it current or coming up in the future. Here at J G Wealth we can help clients with the following areas:

• Help protect you and your family financially from any un-planned events which could affect your current lifestyle

• Help protect your business from any un-foreseen losses

• Tax efficient Investment Planning - to help protect your wealth 

• Retirement Planning - to help you look forward to a comfortable and worry-free retirement

• Inter-generational Planning - so that, in the case of you passing, family members can be confident in the knowledge that your estate has been managed in a tax efficient and thoughtful manner

For more information about the Practice, the range of services provided and St. James\'s Place Wealth Management, please visit the website:   http://www.jg-wealth.co.uk

J G Wealth Ltd. is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James\'s Place Wealth Management PLC (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the group\'s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the group\'s website : http://www.sjp.co.uk/products.

The St. James\'s Place Partnership and the title \'Partner Practice\' are marketing terms used to describe St. James\'s Place representatives.

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