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“I just want…

to have more time/ to pay myself more/ to clear the overdraft/ to make a profit/ to go on holiday/ to feel proud of my business and all that I do.”

If you’re like most of the clients I work with, this will sound all too familiar.

You’ll be offering a professional service using a time-for-money model. That means your clients pay you by the hour, or by the day, or by the project, and it’s down to you personally to deliver what they’re paying for.

And it’s this that creates the vicious circle that has you asking all those ‘I just want…’ questions. It goes like this…

You line up some work for a client.

You deliver — brilliantly, I have no doubt.

But while you’re doing that, you have no time for any marketing (or, indeed, anything else) — and that’s just about OK while you’re getting paid.

Then you finish the work and realise you have nothing in the pipeline but the bills are still rolling in.

So you switch all your energy to marketing and generate a few leads. You convert just enough to keep the wolf from the door, and then the stressful cycle starts all over again.

It really doesn’t have to be like this

Relax. You’re not alone.

Far too many other owners end up feeling trapped in their micro-business.

But here’s the thing.

There is no need for it to be like this and change is much simpler than you may believe.

Work with me and I’ll help you develop the skills, mindset, and self-belief to start building a real business. A business that doesn’t rely on you to do everything and allows you to start living, not existing.

It may be that you’re already running a successful business but it’s stagnated.  Or, perhaps you’re feeling isolated and want someone to bounce ideas off, share successes with and work through challenges together.

Either way…

Together we’ll create a plan that kicks out procrastination and panic. We’ll banish ‘rabbit in the headlights’ syndrome and restore your self-belief.

And we’ll make it easier to get things done.

I’ll provide the tools, but — for the avoidance of doubt! — you’ll have to do the work!

When you work with me, you’ll get a safe environment in which to grow. Somewhere you can be honest without fear of judgement and a space where you can set realistic goals you’re comfortable with.

But I will hold you fully accountable and you’ll get honest, constructive feedback at every step. It’s fair to say that if you just want your ego stroked, I’m probably not the coach for you!

Why not book a call with me now and let’s see if we’re a good fit…

Let’s be honest . No-one likes to think they need a business coach but in what would you do if you wanted to improve a skill in another part of your life?  If you wanted to be a better golfer you’d find a golf coach.  If you wanted to learn a dance for your wedding you’d find a dance coach.  If you wanted to learn how to drive you’d find a driving instructor.  

Who says business has to be any different?  If someone can provide you with shortcuts to where you want to get to, share experience, show you where you’re going wrong (and right) – why would you not use that?

It’s not about failing.  The best athletes, performers and artists all have coaches.  And so do the best business owners.






Complimentary Business Growth Call

A complimentary business diagnostic call.  We can go through any challenges or opportunities you may have or just take the time to explore how working together would benefit you...

You could end up leaving a testimonial like this...

"After the 30 minute phone call I am now buzzing with ideas of how to enhance my new start-up business in terms of branding, marketing and sales. Thank you Ash for your time and support, I could not recommend going to one of his presentations or giving him a call, enough. Thanks Ash" - Sarah Watt, Sarah Watt Fitness

Starts: 07/10/2019

Expires: 07/10/2021


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