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Contact Name: Jeremy Crouch

Category: Management Consulting

Business Description

Personal Performance Specialist | Master Trainer | Executive Business Coach | Facilitator. 

I am a Trainer, Executive Coach, Facilitator and the leader of Creation Consulting, working to help business people realize and enjoy their potential since 1995. I help my clients to create effortless success through refined skills and inspired actions aligned with their values, aspirations and goals, and supported by confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

I work broadly in three areas.

As a Trainer I work to develop people - Directors, Partners, Managers and Staff - in real, practical and meaningful training programmes - to have the expertise and confidence to maximize their contribution to business in areas such as
• Leadership and Management
• Sales for sales professionals and for everybody responsible for gaining clients and winning business
• Business Growth
• Employee Engagement
• Communication and Presentation Skills

As an Executive Coach, I work with CEOs, MDs and senior people who need an outside person to talk to and confide in. I help them to question their thinking; to clarify their vision; to formulate effective goals and plan a journey towards them that is both fulfilling and rewarding. And I help them to find new possibilities, to resolve tricky issues, and if necessary rekindle their passion for what they do.

As a Facilitator, I help people to work better together and understand each other. I get top teams talking and moving in the right direction.

I have worked on four continents with a wide range of clients in terms of both size and markets, and in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

One of my clients kindly said: “Jeremy has a great technical ability to connect with and get the best out of others. From observing him over the last 15 years, I believe his skill in reading and selecting the most appropriate approach to communicate to groups and individuals is without parallel”.

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