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Contact Name: Chand Patel

Category: Marketing

Business Description

We are a new out-of-home media format that delivers your advertising campaign directly into the hands of your target audience. Consumers have become well-versed at filtering out the noise of uninvited communications. With research showing that 77% of consumers would prefer to ad filter rather than ad block, this lack of engagement clearly isn't down to advertising - but rather the many mediums through which it's usually communicated.

We believe there’s a better way of doing things. Through our campaigns, consumers will get to pick and choose the messages they want to engage with when it suits them - and thus retain control of their own time. Our longer-term vision is to create further new and engaging platforms for communication which flip these old conventions of advertising on their heads - moving on from formats which are regularly intrusive and in your face - to those which are not only relevant, timely, and useful… but actually welcome.

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