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Contact Name: Matt Rosine

Category: Digital Marketing

Business Description

The team at Artemis Marketing has been providing high quality Internet marketing solutions to clients since 2004, and has worked with many different types of companies from both large businesses with a multinational reach to local family-run businesses, home-based companies and single tradespeople appealing to a very local audience.

We have always been dedicated to achieving our clients’ goals and are proud to be a forward thinking pro-active Internet marketing company who communicate in plain simple English.

With a combined experience of over 30 years in running successful companies and regularly exceeding our clients’ expectations, we have the ideal background to help clients’ businesses obtain high returns from their internet marketing strategies.

As an official Google Partner company and members of the Institute of Digital Marketing as well as being a recommended Advisor Company for the recent Government Growth Voucher scheme you can rest assured of our professional qualifications as well as our vast experience.



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07/03/2019 by Rachel King - Breathe HR

We've been working with Artemis for 12 months. They are a fantastic partner to work with and step up to meet our challenging requirements! One of the best agencies I've worked with.

07/03/2019 by Jon Ireland - Smart Homes

Having spent lots of money over the years on SEO and Marketing and having had consistently disappointing results, I was extremely sceptical that Artemis could help us.
Following our initial meeting, I commissioned the initial marketing and opportunity report, which was thorough and informative and gave me an insight of the approach Artemis would take.
We have now commissioned Artemis to look after marketing and in only 10 days, we are already seeing results. We have seen larger numbers of visits to the website and also some genuine enquiries, that can only be as a result of changes that Artemis have made.

07/03/2019 by Tom Bucknall - Bucknall Fashion

We approached Artemis as they’re very local to our ladies fashion shop and because we were unhappy with our previous online marketing company.

Initially, we were provided with a very detailed technical review of our e-commerce website and also, importantly for us, a thorough review of our conversion rate set up. From these initial recommendations, Artemis advised that we initially concentrated on fixing issues with our conversion and checkout process, many of which we weren’t even aware would be hampering online sales.

These initial changes have more than doubled our conversion rate within the space of two months. An incredible result which has basically doubled our online revenue. We are now concentrating on a mix of organic optimisation and paid Google advertising..

07/03/2019 by Fiona Sturgess

There’s no doubt that SEO work can be a minefield if you’re new to it all. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle of complicated elements. Ultimately every company wants to improve rankings, increase sales, and generate new enquiries. There is an element of trust in all of this; you have to use the right SEO Company who really know what they're doing.

Google can be your best friend or your worst enemy. By choosing Artemis you can be assured that you have made the right choice. They won’t make mistakes or upset Google! Just one recent example of changes that were made to the SEO work on one of our products ranges, generated an enquiry which lead to a supply contract worth over £10,000.

Don’t let SEO work overwhelm you, just choose an expert company like we did.

07/03/2019 by Katherine Mason

ProMas Construction and Design have been working with Mike, John and the rest of the Artemis team since April 2016.

Our aims for our website were to increase the number of monthly visits but also increase the level of enquiries from the site and also importantly the quality of the level of the enquiries.

Two years on and we can honestly say we are absolutely delighted with the results Artemis have achieved. Our website traffic from Google searches has increased 800% and for the first time we are really generating the type of high quality enquiries we hoped for when we started work with them.

From a service perspective as well, everyone we have dealt with has been superb with nothing we have asked being too much trouble.

Yes SEO takes time and is certainly not a cheap exercise but the return on investment we are now enjoying makes it well worthwhile and this combined with the high quality of work and transparency of their reporting means we would recommend Artemis to anyone serious about building their presence online.

07/03/2019 by Ray Field - Fresh Bananas

Artemis Marketing, the most effective online marketing company I've ever worked with.

For the last 21 years I have provided professional SEO services to a wide variety of UK businesses. Over this period I have trialed and worked with many marketing companies only to realise that what they say 'they can do' and what they 'actually can do' are two different things. This has always left me feeling somewhat short changed but in late 2015 I made my first contact with Artemis Marketing and things just keep getting better.

I've now got a dozen clients working directly with the guys at Artemis and there's not an unhappy bunny amongst them.

To sum up; a refreshingly honest, trustworthy and experienced bunch of marketing individuals whose work spans all spheres surrounding the world of online marketing.

A polished bunch of professionals that are a pleasure to work with.

07/03/2019 by Steve Joy - Golf Swing Systems

I have been working with Mike and Justin and the team at Artemis for just over 2.5 years now. The results for my ecommerce golf products website have been spectacular to say the least. Our visitor numbers have gone up from around 1500 to 7500 per month and sales and revenues have matched this growth as well.

The great thing about the team there is that I can call up and bounce strategy ideas around and they are very proactive in helping with this as well as suggesting new strategies for us to implement together. If you’re looking for a South east based ecommerce SEO company that actually delivers then I would say definitely give Artemis a call.

07/03/2019 by Maggie Morrow

If you want your business to succeed and getting good google rankings is an important part of that, you can't go wrong with Artemis, they are truly excellent. I was very nervous when I started working with Artemis because I had been burned badly by two previous SEO companies. One that got my site blacklisted and the other that simply lied and could not do the job and had me yoyoing up and down every few months in the rankings, a complete nightmare. Artemis changed all this. I've been with them over 2 years now and I have seen my rankings and business enquiries steadily increase. Everything they have recommended has worked. Their customer service is top notch, these guys never leave you wondering and waiting, they respond promptly and in the early stages when I was compulsively checking and questioning, they were incredibly patient and responsive. I worked with Ade initially who has moved on and I was wondering if they could ever find anyone as good to replace him, it seems Artemis have a talent for choosing good people, I work with Tom now and he is just as excellent and on the ball as Ade was. Working with these guys has been one of my best business moves. I have recommended them to friends. They can really honestly help you succeed at a reasonable price, compared to other overpriced SEO companies.